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While fulfilling my working duties I am always guided by the principle: "TREAT OTHERS the way YOU WANT THEM to  TREAT YOU. The lawyer is the same as physician assistant, psychologist, friend, counselor, and much more in one person. So my clients always get high-quality, reliable and efficient assistance. Customer confidence is a huge treasure that is hard to earn and easy to lose. But the kind of responsibility which I grant to work with each client, leaves no doubt that I used all reasonable diligence for their protection.

I am a lawyer, a member of the NGO "Ukrainian Advocates' Association", business consultant. 

I have over 10 years experience in private business structures of different spheres of activity. Over my houlders the protection of clients in the ICAC at the UCCI, Warsaw, Kiev, the District Court of the State of Texas, the return of TVi Channel its legitimate owners after illegal takeover. I speak  English freely.

In terms of our country reformation, I try to ensure observance of the fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms, ethical standards, introduction of advanced European standards. So, I am taking part in public debates bills, round tables on implemented changes to legislation, discussions and constantly improving my qualifications. 

Applying to me, you will always get support and assistance at any life situation.

Movement forward is the key to success!

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Debt collection
  • Cases of consumer protection
  • Cases of harm while receiving professional services
  • Protection against raids
  • Protection in criminal cases
  • Representation in administrative courts
  • Representation in courts of general jurisdiction and economic courts
  • Representation in courts in disputes on intellectual property
  • Representation in court on tax issues
  • Representation in economic courts
  • International Arbitration
  • Representation in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ICAC at the CCI of Ukraine) and the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Ukraine
  • Recognition and admission to the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Ukraine
  • Recognition and enforcement of access to Ukrainian courts and arbitration abroad
  • Protecting customers from unfair competition, anti-competitive actions of public authorities
  • Representing clients in disputes related to possible violations of competition law
  • Litigation on labor disputes



  • Foreign-economic contracts

  • Consulting in the field of currency regulation and currency control

  • Check transactions with non-residents for their compliance with currency restrictions, complex structuring agreements with all existing exchange restrictions

  • Receive individual licenses National Bank of Ukraine on currency transactions

  • Support of registration of loans from non-residents in the National Bank of Ukraine

  • Customs Regulations

  • Permits in foreign trade

  • Export Control

  • Economic sanctions

  • Real estate




  • Comprehensive legal support of business activity
  • Drafting various types of commercial contracts (including real estate)
  • Legal examination of the client (the contractor) agreements, identifying risks, making recommendations and reservations
  • Legal assistance in negotiations on the conclusion of business contracts with contractors
  • Providing oral and written consultations, legal opinions (opinions) relating to economic activities
  • Legal support in the organization of the general meeting of shareholders (participants)
  • Development of statutory documents and internal documents of the company (internal policies, procedures, guidelines, programs, collective agreements, etc.)
  • Develop and implement legal mechanisms to minimize potential liability of company officials in carrying out economic activities and contracts
  • Representation of clients in the event of disputes with contractors, government agencies and local governments
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution and litigation in commercial, corporate, civil, labor, administrative and other legal relations
  • Аdvising and protecting the interests of public procurement
  • The organization of trade unions, human resources policy
  • Drawing up contracts with top management and labor contracts with other employees
  • The reorganization and reduction of the state exemption
  • Аdvising on the taxation of wages
  • Severance and termination benefits
  • Technology transfer
  • Franchise




  • Provide written and verbal legal advice
  • Representation in court
  • Preparation of written legal opinions on any issues of financial and economic activity
  • A legal analysis of organizations and verification of documents for compliance with the law
  • Checking contracts with contractors
  • Development contracts, as well as support for their conclusion
  • Legal support in the change or termination of contracts
  • Legal support, assessment and identify risks when entering into agreements and make recommendations for amendments to the concluded contracts
  • Represent the interests and protection of client in state bodies
  • Representation of interests when negotiating with contractors on business
  • Legal support of legal entities, registration of branches and representative offices including amendments to the constituent documents
  • Legal support personnel work
  • Representation of clients in executive proceedings



  • Combating counterfeiting
  • Protection of intellectual property rights in the courts

  • Licensing

  • Drawing up licensing agreements

  • Registration of trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs, computer programs



  • Assistance in real estate transactions, including assistance in checking the Seller (whether it has the right to sell property), in the presence of his rights to sign the contract for sale of the apartment (or others), verification of title documents for housing, analysis and correction terms of the agreement, an agreement on comprehensive analysis of various risks; analysis of investment schemes (for new construction) of a notary at the time of signing the contract, mutual assistance in control;
  • Family affairs
  • Assistance in divorce
  • Representation in court
  • Legal aid in civil cases
  • Support division of property
  • Recovery of Maintenance
  • Representation in labor disputes
  • Representation in administrative offenses
  • Registration of individual as self – employed
  • Consulting on any issues of business activities



02094, Kyiv, Magnitogorskii lane, 1, office 707


Inna Moskalenko


Viber: +38 063 120 53 57
          +38 066 234 07 03


Skype: advokat-moskalenko